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A fragrant journey inspired by the heartwarming blend of traditional chai spices. The enticing scent notes of cinnamon, clove, and vanilla cream come together in perfect harmony, creating an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of sipping on a steaming cup of spiced chai in our Spiced Chai Candle. 

As you light this candle, the room becomes infused with the rich and aromatic fragrance, inviting you to unwind and indulge in the cozy ambiance it provides. The warming essence of cinnamon and clove adds a touch of spice, evoking the comforting and familiar aroma of freshly brewed chai. Complementing these spices is the sweet and creamy undertone of vanilla, enhancing the overall olfactory experience with a soothing and indulgent touch.

Whether you're looking to create a serene atmosphere during moments of relaxation or add a cozy element to your living space, the Spiced Chai Candle is designed to elevate your senses. Let the flickering flame and aromatic symphony transport you to a place of comfort and tranquility, enveloping you in the delightful scents of a beloved fall beverage.

Phthalate Free         Paraben Free         Paraffin Free            Non-Toxic

    Scent Notes: cinnamon, clove, vanilla cream
    Size: 11 oz. | 4 oz. 
    Burn Time: 80+ hrs. | 35+ hrs.
    Wax Base: Coconut Wax
    Cotton Wicks: Clean Burning. Lead Free and Zinc Free   
    Handmade in the USA


In the ethereal haze of pre-dawn, when the Southern California coast is painted in shades of muted blues and soft purples, surfers gather, silhouetted against the embryonic light. They whisper to the waves, seeking that perfect swell. Post surf, their fingers chilled by the Pacific embrace, yearn for warmth, guiding them to a nearby gem - a quaint coffee and tea café, just a stone's throw from the beach.

 This isn’t any ordinary café. It's an emblem of coastal comfort, known for its iconic big cups of chai latte. The first sip is like a heartfelt hug, the floral notes of green cardamom wrapping around like a cozy blanket. Cloves perfume the air, reminiscent of dawn's first light breaking upon the ocean's horizon. Cinnamon and ginger intertwine, capturing the exhilaration of catching that perfect wave, while the heat from black peppercorns recollects the sun’s first rays kissing the coast. As the narrative of flavors begins to wane, nutmeg and allspice arrive, evoking festive evenings around beach bonfires with sand between the toes and stars overhead.

Our SPICED CHAI is not merely a scent; it’s the very soul of coastal mornings, where the sea, surf, and warmth of a chai latte come together in a harmonious dance. It's a tribute to those chilly surf sessions and the comfort that follows, wrapped in a fragrant memory.