• Burn candle within sight and on a flat surface
  • Keep away from pets, little ones & combustibles
  • Burn on a heat resistant surface
  • Before relighting, trim wick 1/4" and remove loose pieces
  • Stop burning when only 1/4” of wax remains
  • Don’t burn for more than 4 hours at a time. It will be tough, but trust us on this one.  
  • Enjoy! And show us the spaces you love by tagging #soltcandles on social media.  


Q:  Why do you use coconut wax?
A:  Coconut wax is a clean burning non-toxic wax, with no paraffins that is long lasting and extends fragrance throw. 
Q:  Why do we add sea salt to our candles?
A:  Salt, or sodium chloride, slows the melting process and extends the burn life of your candle. 
Q:  Do you offer expedited shipping?
A:  Currently, we are not offering expedited shipping.
Q:  I want to order multiple items within one order and ship them as gifts to separate addresses; is this possible?
A:  No, unfortunately you will have to place one order per address. The system allows only one tracking number per order, so please place separate orders for gifting.
Q:  What ingredients do you use?
A:  We use a proprietary blend of natural waxes including coconut and a small amount of soy for stability purposes. Our premium fragrance oils are phthalate-free and non-toxin, sea salt, and a natural cotton wick.
Q:  Is burning salt toxic?
A:  No, heating salt is not dangerous and not flammable. Salt gives the flame a yellowish color while reducing the melt pool and slowing the burn.
Q:  Where can I buy your candles?
A:  We sell our products directly through our online store and at specialty boutiques and retailers.
Q:  Can I return or exchange my candle?
A:  A happy customer is our goal. If you're experiencing any issues we want to hear about it, and most importantly, we want to make it right! Please reach out by sending an email to and we’ll respond with a personal email in 24-48 business hours.  
Still have questions, Reach out!  Email us