Salt is used as a preservative, which means it is instrumental for making things last longer. This is also true for Sôlt Candles. Adding salt to our wax slows the burn and extends the life and enjoyment of our candles along with aiding in the diffusion of scented oils into the air, giving a greater fragrance throw. But more than just adding burn value and extending fragrance...


In Biblical days, friendship and loyalty were sealed with salt. Why salt? Because the essence of salt is simple - it is unchanging. Salt seals a deal greater than just giving your word with how immutable the quality of salt is. To this day salt symbolizes a long-lasting connection and relationship between people.

Sôlt is our commitment to the covenant of friendship and loyalty. We promise to always be loyal to our customers by providing quality, value, and lifelong friendship.

You are salt, be the light

Be the salt and light in the world by showing kindness and compassion to others and yourself. Spread goodness and grace through thoughts, words, and actions that reflect your best self. Do everything in love. Give hope and lift others up. Be grateful for each day and what you alone can do to make it better. Be your own unique, amazing self while experiencing the journey God has given you. Show others what God has done for you and what God can do for them. Be the light of the world and shine love and gratitude.

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