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Introducing our "Navy" Handpoured Candle, an ocean-inspired delight with notes of cotton, ocean air, and salt. Enhanced with essential oils like clove leaf, cananga flower, sweet orange, patchouli, and eucalyptus cornmint, it offers a fresh and invigorating fragrance profile.

Available in two sizes, 11 oz. and 4 oz., the "Navy" candle is perfect for various settings. The larger size provides an extended 80+ hours of burn time, creating a lasting maritime ambiance. Opt for the 4 oz. option for a more compact space, offering 38 hours of delightful fragrance.

Crafted with a Coconut Wax base, this handpoured candle ensures a clean and sustainable burn, making it an eco-friendly choice for candle enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the soothing scents of the "Navy" candle, where cotton, ocean air, and salt blend seamlessly to evoke a coastal atmosphere.

 Phthalate Free         Paraben Free         Paraffin Free            Non-Toxic

    Scent Notes: cotton, ocean air, salt
    Essential oils infusions: clove leaf, cananga flower, sweet orange, patchouli, eucalyptus cornmint
    Size: 11 oz. | 4 oz. 
    Burn Time: 80+ hrs. | 35+ hrs.
    Wax Base: Coconut Wax

    Cotton Wicks: Clean Burning. Lead Free and Zinc Free   
    Handmade in the USA




NAVY is a scent named not after the deep color of the ocean, but after the branch of military in which my father served. Raised in San Diego, my dad enlisted when he was 18, following in the footsteps of his father and anchoring my childhood close to the sea. My dad took pride in his naval uniform, as I took pride in him wearing it. He was always sharp and pressed. Smelling of freshly washed cotton and after work, ocean air and salt. I marveled at the operations of the naval base and the men who persevered to be there. The training they endured and the courage they held to keep our country safe was nothing less than heroic. I learned a lot from my dad and his career about hard work and tenacity. I’ve been taught to have dignity and honor for your country and to fight for what you believe in. To put others before yourself and keep faith even in your darkest days. Our NAVY scent is a nod to my dad and his uniform, which shaped me to be a proud American, to respect my country, and to believe that freedom is never free.